Sonoran Suites Scottsdale Vacation Rentals for the Waste Management Phoenix Open PGA Tour

A Sonoran Suites Scottsdale Vacation Rental is still available for the Waste Management Phoenix Open PGA Tour.   The Waste Management Phoenix Open PGA Tour begins January 28th, 2013 and ends February 3rd, 2013.  This annual event is a perfect spot to see your favorite golfers shoot their stuff all over the golf courses.  Where is the Waste Management Phoenix Open PGA Tour hosted?  The Golf Course that the Phoenix Open is hosted at is the TCP Golf Course or the Tournament Players Club of Scottsdale, Arizona.

How did the Phoenix Open start?  In 1932 when the first golfing event started it was called the “Arizona Open”.  The tournament was then halted in 1935 and then in 1939 Bob Golfwater, Sr. restarted the annual event.  In 1975 the PGA Tour was moved to the TPC of Scottsdale, Arizona.  The TPC of Scottsdale, Arizona may most notably be known for the 16th hole-in-one that Tiger Woods shot during one of the tournaments.  The hole is still known for a vast amount of the hoots and hollers from the fans of the Waste Management Phoenix Open Tour.

The Birds nest is where you will really find the late night action.  With a lineup of Dierks Bently and Roger Clyne @ the Peacemakers (RCPM) this is one event that you probably don’t want to miss.  What is the Phoenix Open Birds Nest?  Basically the Birds Nest is said to be the “Hottest Nightclub” in Scottsdale for the 4 day golfing event.  It is a tent that is erected in a park North of Scottsdale, which is of course referred as the “Birds Nest”.

There is so much more that we could tell you about the Waste Management Phoenix Open, but we would love for you to all be part of the action!  We have a way for that to happen too!  With a Scottsdale Vacation Rental from Sonoran Suites you can have that chance!  Not only can we offer a Scottsdale Vacation Rental for you, your friends, family or co-workers, but we can also offer you a Golf Vacation in Scottsdale all at discount prices!  With a Golf Vacation Package to Scottsdale, Arizona you will have a chance to be part of the Phoenix Open by watching the stars and then getting out on other golf courses around the Scottsdale, Arizona area for yourself!

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