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Have yourself the perfect summer away from home while staying in a San Diego Holiday Rental with Sonoran Suites Vacation Rentals! Are you day dreaming about the perfect Holiday sunny California?  Sonoran Suites San Diego Vacation Rentals will offer you just that. With summer among us it is time to start planning your family’s perfect getaway to San Diego! Why not pack up your bags and head to an unforgettable stay in a San Diego Holiday Rental? With perfect accommodations to match the perfect surroundings Sonoran Suites Vacation Rentals is your right hand company. The weather in San Diego is hitting its perfect summer prime and trust us; you won’t want to be anywhere but on the sandy beaches of San Diego this summer.

When you’re not on the beach or enjoying your San Diego Holiday Rental check out the endless list of fun activities to do in San Diego, California! Spend a day hanging out with countless sea animals at Sea World, experience the thrill at Legoland or even visit the ever popular San Diego Zoo for a whole bunch of fun with your family and/or friends. If the touristy attractions just aren’t your cup of tea, no worries, why not bring your golf clubs with you and play on some of the top golf courses in America! If you’re not sure of any good golf courses to get out on, our experts can help you find the best golf courses for your needs and budget.

As you’re debating where you are your family and friends are going to soak up the sun this summer, put all of your chips in coming to San Diego and get yourself a  San Diego Holiday Rental provided by Sonoran Suites Vacation Rentals. Have we interested you yet? Submit a FREE quote request now to get your perfect summer vacation all planned out! Please visit our website and check out all of the locations we have to offer all year!

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We at Sonoran Suites are known for providing unforgettable golf vacations in some of the country’s most popular golf destinations. But incredible golf on world-renowned courses is just the beginning; our vacation packages also feature fully-furnished luxury accommodations, and this is no doubt the case when it comes to theSan Diego vacation rentals we offer.

When you choose one of our San Diego golf packages, you’ll not only be able to look forward to magnificent weather and spectacular golf on picturesque courses. You’ll also have the pleasure of enjoying your very own amenity-rich luxury vacation condo. Our San Diego vacation rentals feature fully-furnished living and dining rooms, fully-equipped gourmet kitchens, walk-in closets, high speed Wi-Fi, and much more. Plus, with large sparkling swimming pools, a large whirlpool spa, clubhouse with business center, fitness center, and convenient location, your vacation property will be the perfect place to retire to after a successful day out on the links.

With our San Diego vacation rentals, you’ll enjoy a relaxing golf vacation unlike any other. Take a moment to learn more about our fully-furnished vacation rentals in the San Diego/Carlsbad area today by browsing through our Sonoran Suites website. If you have any questions or would like to customize the perfect golf vacation in San Diego or another popular golf destination, then feel free to contact us directly by phone or email. Apart from providing luxury golf vacations, we also provide some of the best customer service available anywhere.

Build lasting Corporate Relationships with Corporate Golf Packages

Corporate Golf Packages at the perfect rate are not always the easiest to find, especially with a larger group. Fortunately, Sonoran Suites Golf Vacations strives to plan out the most perfect and affordable Corporate Golf Packages for you and your company. Sonoran Suites offers countless destinations for your Corporate Golf Vacation Package whether your heading to Scottsdale, Palm Springs, San Diego, Mesquite or Tucson. Sonoran Suites will work hard to make your future Corporate Golf Vacation the envy of anyone who wants to do future business with your company!

Corporate Golf Packages are available upon request to your company at any time of the year. With Sonoran Suites, your corporate business will be able to kiss the traditional sit in a room and discuss business type meeting goodbye! Give Sonoran Suites the opportunity to plan out your Corporate Golf Vacation right down to the last details of transportation, accommodations, and even all of your tee times at your destinations finest Golf Courses. Go ahead, fill out our no obligation FREE golf vacation quote request today to begin the process of building your companies perfect Corporate Golf Package.

Sonoran Suites Golf Vacations accommodates any group size large or small. Our Corporate Golf Packages are planned to perfection making it impossible to say “not this year”. Your business won’t need to look any further than with Sonoran Suites when planning your Corporate Golf Vacation. We have lasting relationships with the Golf Courses we offer in the Arizona, California or Nevada, so we get you the very best Discounted Golf tee times available! Give Sonoran Suites a shot when planning your corporate golf outing.

Visit the Sonoran Suites website and receive your FREE no obligation golf vacation quote for any location provided by Sonoran Suites. While building that relationship with your business partners you will find yourself never wanting to leave your golf vacation! Put your trust in Sonoran Suites for your Corporate Golf Vacation today and head off on the best Corporate Golf Vacation your business partners will ever experience.

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Discounted Corporate Golf Vacation Packages to Scottsdale, Tucson, Palm Springs, San Diego, Mesquite and Las Vegas

Ever think about taking your business on a Corporate Golf Vacation? If not, maybe in your next meeting you can propose a Corporate Golf Vacation for you and your business or partners.  With Sonoran Suites Golf Vacations your Corporate business meetings have just become much easier and a whole lot better. Sonoran Suites offers countless Corporate Golf Vacation packages in Scottsdale, Tucson, Palm Springs, San Diego, Las Vegas and Mesquite. While most golf vacation companies have trouble planning out the perfect Corporate Golf Package with Sonoran Suites all the planning has become so much easier.  We make your experience better and more inclusive by offering Vacation Rentals to our Scottsdale, Tucson, Palm Springs and San Diego Destinations.  What this means is because we own our Vacation Rentals we are able to not only accommodate you and your Corporate group, but we are able to reduce many of the rates to the Destinations we offer.

Corporate Golf packages are available to business year round and are available for a multitude of Destinations in the Southwest. Boring business meetings around a conference table are now coming to an end with the idea of taking your Business partners or groups on an expensive Corporate Golf Vacation. Put your faith in Sonoran Suites to plan out your Corporate Golf Vacation including transportation, accommodations, and all of the rounds of golf your company needs to close that big business deal or to bring all of your Corporate partners to one Destination. All your company has to do is have a representative from your company fill out Sonoran Suites Golf Vacations FREE quote request today.

Do you work for a Large Company? Small Company? No matter how large or small your group is, Sonoran Suites will accommodate any Corporate group large or small. Sonoran Suites Corporate Golf Vacation Packages are planned to perfection with the guarantee that we will not send you off on your corporate golf vacation until your corporate golf package is exactly the trip your company needs to get the job done.  Our professional and courteous Golf Sales Coordinators will assist you in every step of the way.  Your business won’t need to look any further than with Sonoran Suites Golf Vacations because there is absolutely no comparison to the prices paired with the golf courses we have to offer and they promise to keep you and your company coming back time and time again.

Contact Sonoran Suites and receive your FREE no obligation golf vacation quote for any location provided by Sonoran Suites. Make your business partners just as excited for the upcoming year’s trip! Select Sonoran Suites for your Corporate Golf Vacation today and you will be thankful you didn’t book your Corporate Golf Vacation with any other company!  It’s time to close that Business deal and there is only one company that will help you do that, choose Sonoran Suites Golf Vacations today – Your Premier Vacation Rental and Golf Package Provider.

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San Diego Golf Vacations Enjoy The Weather, Sandy Beaches & Golf!

Come to San Diego to enjoy, great weather, sandy beaches, and excellent golf accommodations by choosing San Diego Golf Vacations available only through Sonoran Suites.  Just minutes from any of your favorite Golf Courses in San Diego get the very best in lodging accommodations with Sonoran Suites.  With luxury hospitality and the option of a 1, 2 or 3 Bedroom Condo Suite, you will surly enjoy a home away from home in beautiful San Diego, California.

Whether you are looking for excellent rounds of discount golf at some of the most pristine courses in the nation, or you want to relax ocean side and work on that tan of yours, there is no better choice than getting Discount San Diego Golf Vacations from Sonoran Suites.  We are completely diverse, offering you a 1, 2, or even 3 bedroom fully furnished Vacation Condo with all the amenities imaginable to ensure you and your group a memorable experience. Say you don’t have groceries, a rental car, or you know nothing about the San Diego, California area.  No problem! San Diego Golf Vacations provided by Sonoran Suites will assist and guide you through the whole Golf Vacation experience helping you keep that piece of mind you are after!

Enjoy the perfect destination spot in California with San Diego Golf Vacations provided by Sonoran Suites.  You deserve experience from professionals and our Golf Sales Professionals can do just that!  If you don’t know who Sonoran Suites is, please take a moment and visit our About Us page to learn how Sonoran Suites has been offering Discount Golf and Lodging Vacations since 1997. While you’re visiting us online don’t forget to look at the many other destinations we have to offer you as well!  If you have any questions please Contact Us directly at 888-786-7848 or Contact Us via our website.  Would you like to get away?  Request a FREE Discount Vacation Quote to San Diego, Palm Springs, Tucson, Scottsdale or Mesquite Today!

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Luxury Palm Springs Vacation Rental Enjoy a Gorgeous Home Away from Home


If you want a different kind of Palm Springs Vacation Rental- one that can leave you feeling more relaxed with more lasting memories and ultimately more satisfaction with the overall experience, then you’ll need to consider the luxury Palm Springs Vacation Rental available from Sonoran Suites. With the luxury vacation condo rentals we offer, you can enjoy a beautiful home away from home in lovely Palm Springs, California.

Whether you’re looking forward to wonderful rounds of golf with your buddies on world-class Palm Springs courses or are simply traveling to Palm Springs to de-stress with your family and enjoy the sun and fun of this well-known Hollywood star hangout, you’ll have a better chance to really enjoy your getaway with a luxury Palm Springs Vacation Rental from Sonoran Suites. We offer you 1, 2, and 3-bedroom condos with all the condo and property amenities required to enjoy a relaxing vacation you and your travel party will not soon forget. Plus, we can also take care of your grocery needs, car and group transportation needs, and other vacation needs so that you can worry less and enjoy more of all that lovely Palm Springs has to offer.

Enjoy a gorgeous home away from home with a luxury Palm Springs Vacation Rental available from Sonoran Suites. You can learn more about the Palm Springs vacation condo rentals we offer today by browsing through our Sonoran Suites website. While on our website you can also check out the luxury vacation rentals we offer to other premier destinations, such as our San Diego Vacation Rentals, Tucson Vacation Rentals or Scottsdale Vacation Rentals. Of course, feel free to contact us directly by phone (888-786-7848) or email if you have any questions or would like a free vacation quote.

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Enjoy Big Savings on Great Golf with Our Mixed Bag Palm Springs Golf Package

Enjoy Big Savings on Great Golf with Our Mixed Bag Palm Springs Golf Package

Enjoy Big Savings on Great Golf with Our Mixed Bag Palm Springs Golf Package

If you’re interested in a wonderful budget-fitting Palm Springs golf vacation you and your entire travel party won’t soon forget, then simply look to Sonoran Suites for great deals on Palm Springs golf package. This autumn season we at Sonoran Suites are proudly offering a wonderful Mixed Bag golf package which features rounds of golf on some of the best courses Palm Springs has to offer as well as relaxing nights in your very own amenity-filled vacation condo. This package is simply unrivaled in value and will produce the kinds of wonderful memories you and your group will cherish for many years to come!

You’ll enjoy big savings on great Palm Springs golf with the Mixed Bag vacation package currently available from Sonoran Suites. This under-$1000-per-person vacation package features 5 lovely nights in a spectacular vacation condo whose luxury amenities will leave you feeling pampered and ready for the upcoming day’s round of golf. When the sun rises each day you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your golfing skills with the Palm Springs Mixed Bag package’s four rounds of golf in the picturesque Westin Mission Hills course, top-rated Desert Willow course, challenging Eagle Falls course, and simply stunning Shadow Ridge course.

Get ready for a golf getaway you won’t soon forget with the Mixed Bag Palm Springs golf package from Sonoran Suites. Feel free to learn more today about this wonderful Palm Springs vacation package as well as the amenity-filled Palm Springs vacation rentals we have available. If you have any questions or would like a free vacation quote, then feel free to contact us directly by phone or email.

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Golf Vacation Packages, California! Bring the family & visit SeaWorld!


It’s not just Golf Vacation Packages to California that could be a highlight this year, another wonderful attraction that California has to offer is SeaWorld! Come and visit your favorite sea creatures at one of the most well-known water-themed parks in the world. With over twenty Animal Stars in more than thirteen different hands-on exhibits, twelve shows, ten pulse-pounding rides, and countless other opportunities this park is hard to resist.

Coming soon to SeaWorld will be their Halloween Spooktacular beginning September 29-30 and continuing every weekend throughout October. There will be safe, kid-friendly trick-or-treating at thirteen different spots around the park. Everyone’s favorite Sesame Street Count Von Count and Elmo will be taking over the stage to put on their Halloween themed musical! For those who love 3D movies, come and see the 4D Pirates movie for a unique and interactive look into the life of a pirate crew.

The sea lion team Clyde and Seamore will be showing off their newest show with the help of O.P. Otter as they show off their new tricks and twists. Didn’t get enough candy when you went trick-or-treating? Come and visit Otto the Octopus’ underwater garden of sweet treats! Kids will get to see where gumdrops and lollipops grow and meet the one who harvests them every season.

For those with adventure in their hearts you can help the search for hidden treasure in Deadman’s Cave in a race to beat Captain Lucky! There will be surprises and spooks around every corner so this will not be for the faint of heart. Once you have won the treasure you can continue your trip at Penelope’s Pumpkinfish Patch to watch the rare Pumpkinfish swim in their own little world. Last, but certainly not least, the Mermaid’s Grotto will be opened so kids will get to meet the beautiful Capriand her gorgeous friend Allure!

SeaWorld will also be celebrating Christmas this year with Shamu’s new Christmas Show and the advent of SnowWorld. Come and play in real snow in the middle of the desert! Clyde and Seamore will be showing off their new Night Before Christmas routine in the Sea Lions show so make sure you stop by because they have been working hard. The PolarExpress will be showing every day in December in 4D so it will feel like you are really getting into the Christmas Spirit firsthand on this adventure. SeaWorld is working on putting together even more Holiday themed events for the month of December so make sure you keep an eye out for updates!

Our Pacific View Sonoran Suites Condo Rental property in Carlsbad California is a short 30-minute drive from SeaWorld San Diego. So book your next vacation or Golf Vacation with us and while the adults are out enjoying a day on one of our premium level golf courses through one of our Golf Vacation Packages, the kids can be getting an education while making once-in-a-lifetime memories at SeaWorld!

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Golf Vacation Packages aren't the only things to do in California: LEGOLAND and Disneyland Parks!

Golf Vacation Packages to San Diego & enjoy Legoland or the Disneyland Parks

Golf Vacation Packages to San Diego & enjoy Legoland or the Disneyland Parks

When searching for Discount Golf Vacation Packages or a Get Away Vacation to California, it is important to take into account what the area has to offer. Sonoran Suites in Carlsbad is just twenty minutes away from the LEGOLAND California Resort and the SEA LIFE Aquarium. The Vacation Condo Rentals provided by Sonoran Suites are only one hour away from both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure Park!

Disneyland has some really great things going on this time of year. For Halloween they will be redecorating the entire park, including the rides, & putting on special events from September 28th through October 31st. Visitors to the park are encouraged to come in costume and to participate in the trick-or-treating going on during Mickey’s Halloween Party!

Holidays at the Disneyland Resort are one of the most spectacular events this park puts on all year. The park will be transformed yet again turned into a Winter Wonderland. There will be the long-awaited Christmas Fantasy Parade where the characters can be seen hanging out with Santa Claus. Visitors are invited to take part in the “It’s a Small World” Holiday Event and embrace holiday traditions from around the world. There will be real live reindeer in Frontier land waiting to make their delivery for Santa . For those who still have a yearning for the Halloween event Jack Skellington and his friends will be making an appearance at the Haunted Mansion! What could they possibly be up to this year?

Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure Parkhave teamed together to create Grad Nite. Graduating High School Seniors in the class of 2013 will receive a Park Hopper ticket to both parks and be able to party the night away until 3am! There will be massive dance parties, great music, delicious foods and a once in a life time chance to celebrate your graduation with all your friends in these great parks. Book your package now for May 9th 2013 through June 21st 2013 (for graduates ages 14-18).

LEGOLAND is always a popular vacation spot for people of all ages. In October they will be having their Brick-or-Treat event which is packed with fun events! They will be having a costume contest, spooky fireworks every Saturday in October, Dance Parties, jugglers, stilt-walkers, unicyclists and so much more! You definitely do not want to miss out on the amazing things that they have planned. They are even offering discounted Park Hopper tickets for LEGOLAND and the SEA LIFE Aquarium.

LEGOLAND will be having their annual Holiday Snow Days event from November 23rd- December 31st. This includes the nightly Christmas Tree Lighting, special snowman building, and the chance to throw snowballs at your favorite LEGO characters! They have created a special holiday musical that will be performed throughout November and December and there will be live music performances, carolers and other strolling entertainers. The Holiday Snow Days event ends with the Kids’ New Years Eve Party which was brought back due to popular demand.

Make sure you book your Golf Vacation Packages with Sonoran Suites as soon as possible to ensure your place at these fantastic events! Our luxury vacation condos will give you a safe place to rest your head after a full day at the amusement park or a long day out on the course!  Get your Discount Golf Vacation Packages from the Golf Vacation Providers with the experience and knowledge you deserve!

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Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals A look inside Sonoran Suites of Scottsdale

Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals Sonoran Suites of Scottsdale

Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals – Sonoran Suites of Scottsdale

Lets take a look inside Sonoran Suites Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals.  There is always something reassuring about knowing that when you take a “Golf Vacation” to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, San Diego, Palm Springs or Mesquite, that you are truly on a Golf Vacation, next to or near a Golf Course and steps away from pools, tennis courts and most importantly, when it’s time, your bed.  Let’s face it; we all have been to what would be considered an abysmal hotel, full of its vast amounts of flaws, stenches or stains.  We all know the hotels, in fact, we are betting, that while you are reading this you are thinking of a vacation you have taken where you have literally been so disgusted that you refused to stay even one night there.  There is a very explicit reason why we, of all companies, would be resonating that sour taste in your mouth and bring up past negative experiences.

We invite you to take a moment and step back, rewind our minds back to the day when there was real “customer service”.  When we would recall when there was no “www dot” or quite frankly “blogs”, but here we are.  Businesses have lost the customer service ideals, friendly surroundings, and are always wanting things to go faster than they already do.  We become caught up in the daily ailments in life that are thrown at us and forget what really matters.  We sometimes even forget if we are really on that “dream vacation”.  Sonoran Suites wants to help bring all of that back for you and you deserve it.  We know the importance of word-of-mouth advertising and we’re betting that after taking online one Golf Vacation Package with us that you will tell your family, friends or your corporation about the difference between a “just a number” vacation provider and Sonoran Suites (Your Premier Vacation Rental & Golf Package Provider since 1997).

Sonoran Suites welcomes you to spend time at one of our vacation rental condos, enjoy that crisp, clean, rejuvenating, accommodating, all-inclusive, how it should feel, feeling.  Our Sonoran Suites Golf Vacation Rental Condos will help you relive the way that it truly should be on any real Golf Vacation, all while maintaining affordable costs that could be compared to most hotels in the same area you are staying.  Our condos are available in several golf destination locations such as Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, San Diego, Palm Springs & Mesquite .  They include many amenities that hotels could not fathom offering you; like a complete Kitchen (including the main utensils), Washer & Dryer, completely furnished 2 or 3 Bedrooms, fully furnished living rooms (with flat screen TV’s), furnished dining room complete with kitchen table & chairs.  Connect to our FREE Wi-Fi or for a leisurely stay-in, breathe a breath of fresh air, because we also provide each accommodation with a covered outdoor patio/balcony with 4 chairs & table. See our images below!

Aside from all of the other online Lodging providers, Sonoran Suites offers only the best living amenities for any length Golf Vacation.  We are available for you when you need us.  Sonoran Suites helps plan your complete Golf Vacation from start to end, from finding the perfect course, to getting the right tee-times.  You can enjoy all of these incredible benefits for amazing prices with the Sonoran Suites “Customer Service is Number 1” mentality.   When you have made the decision to book a quality Golf Vacation, book with the best in the business since 1997 and put your trust in Sonoran Suites.  Call us today at (888) 786-7848 and speak to one of our Golf Vacation Package Specialists or take a look at our destinations today:  Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, San Diego, Palm Springs or Mesquite .

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Sonoran Suites Lodging Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals - Scottsdale, Arizona: KitchenSonoran Suites Lodging Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals - Scottsdale, Arizona: Dining RoomSonoran Suites Lodging Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals - Scottsdale, Arizona: Dining/Living RoomSonoran Suites Lodging Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals - Scottsdale, Arizona: Living RoomSonoran Suites Lodging Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals - Scottsdale, Arizona: Master BedroomSonoran Suites Lodging Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals - Scottsdale, Arizona: Master BathroomSonoran Suites Lodging Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals - Scottsdale, Arizona: 2nd BedroomSonoran Suites Lodging Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals - Scottsdale, Arizona: 2nd BathroomSonoran Suites Lodging Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals - Scottsdale, Arizona: Balcony/PorchSonoran Suites Lodging Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals - Scottsdale, Arizona: Swimming PoolSonoran Suites Lodging Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals - Scottsdale, Arizona: Tennis CourtSonoran Suites Lodging Golf Vacation Lodging Rentals - Scottsdale, Arizona: Common Area

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